Q. Do you travel? Do you charge a travel fee?
A. Traveling is what I love about my job. I know that on a stressful
day it is much easier for someone to come to you so that you can enjoy
and relax on your special day. I do not charge a travel fee if your
location is 20 miles or less from the Midwest City area. In the event that you are
out of that area the travel charge is at a rate of 50 cents a mile
round trip.

Q. Do you require a deposit/retainer?
A. Yes, I do require a deposit/retainer to hold your date. The
retainer amount depends on how far out your wedding date is. I have a
couple of options to make it easy on you. Your date will not be held
without a signed contract and deposit.

Q. What is included in the trial run?
A. You can expect that your trial run/consultation will last 60-90
mins. First, we will discuss all the details of your wedding –
dresses, flowers, theme, etc. We will also discuss what makeup, if
any, you wear on a normal basis. We will go over your ideas and what
looks you were envisioning for your wedding day. We will look over any
pictures that you have brought with you and also at my portfolio. Once
you have decided, we will start with the makeup application and tweak
anything we need to. If your mother or bridesmaids would like a trial
run as well, we can do it at the same appointment or schedule it when
it is convenient to them. I want you to be a 100% happy with your look
and I will make that happen.

Q. How far will you travel? What other travel-related expenses will I
need to cover?

A. I will travel as far as you need me to. Depending on how far I have
to travel there may be an additional travel charge, hotel stay and my
food expenses for the day.

Q. On my wedding day do I come to you, or do you travel to my venue
(or location where I am getting ready)?

A. I will do whatever works best for you. I have some clients that
come to me but the majority of my clients want me to come to their
location. Me coming to you helps to reduce time and stress for that
day and also helps things flow smoothly.

Q. Do you charge an on-location fee?
A. Yes, the on-location fee is included in the price that I give you
at the time of booking. You do have the option to come to my in-home
studio if your budget does not allow for me to come to you.

Q. Will I be your only event on the day of my wedding?
A. I often book more than one event on a given day depending on the
size of the group, timing and location. I do not overbook and I always
make sure that I can complete everyone in the time we discussed. Just
a reminder, I only book another wedding that day once I have confirmed
your schedule with you. Once the schedule is confirmed I have to stick
to that schedule as I have already booked someone else based on that
schedule.   For example, I might book two weddings but one of those
might be just the bride using me for makeup and the other might be a
bride and her mom.

Q. How do I book you for my wedding date?
A. I prefer to speak on the phone first to get all of the details of
your wedding and what you are wanting for your special day. From there
I will send you a contract of all the details that we discussed. Once
I receive the completed contract and retainer you will be booked.

Q. How soon should I book my makeup services?
A. I start booking weddings a year in advance so the sooner, the better!!

Q. What methods of payments do you accept?
A. I accept Cash,or PayPal. If it is on the day of for any reason I
accept Cash or Card  Only before I begin.

Q.Is your pricing negotiable? Are there any discounts?
A. Nope ! When it comes to hiring a professional makeup artist for
on-location or personal services, you definitely get what you pay for!
When you hire me, you are hiring an experienced professional that
comes to YOU. The level of skill and expertise that you can expect is
far superior to hiring your sister, other relative, friend or a
cosmetic sales-person from the mall. I will however work with your
budget and give you the best possible pricing and options that best
suites you and your wedding.

Q: Why do I need a High End Professional Makeup Artist vs a low end
makeup artist, free makeup artist or do it yourself?
A: Here are a few reasons why you should consider a High End
Professional make-up artist for your wedding day.

  • You are unsure what colors to use and how best to apply make-up for the photography.
  • You want the make-up to last all day.
  • You would be too nervous on the morning of the wedding to apply your own make-up.
  • You want to be pampered on your wedding day.
  • You want your wedding pictures to look flawless.
  • This is your wedding day and you want to look your absolute best.
  • You have spent so much money on your dress, shoes, jewelry, reception hall. Why would you want to skimp on your face?

If any of these apply to you, then it's probably worth having a
professional make-up artist.

Q: What kind of products do you use?
A: Everything I use for makeup that is going to be photographed is camera
friendly.  It has no SPF or ingredients in the powder/foundation that
could change the way you look in a photo.  I do carry products with
SPF, but do not recommend using them with flash photography, because
those certain products will reflect the flash of a camera, making your
face appear lighter than it really is.  I only use professional skin
care and makeup in my kit, and am always updating my products with the
newest and longest lasting products available.  My kit consists of
makeup from MAC, Make-up Forever, Chanel, Laura Mercier, and Smashbox
to name a few.  By using nothing but the best products, along with my
skills and knowledge, you will receive a long lasting flawless finish
with every application.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my wedding day?
A: I recommend getting any waxing/threading done at least 5-7 days prior
to your wedding day.  This will insure the makeup will completely
adhere to your skin, and will go on smoothly.  Some women tend to get
irritation or redness due to sensitivities to the wax/threading, and
we want to make sure none of that happens so close to your big day!